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Persophone was founded in 1992. Firstly it was only a project kind of connection, for Nephoris and Vehiconenos wanted to give her black metal influences a forum. But because of duties of both musicians with other bands, one came never further than just a few sessions. We also didn't have a useful place to practice. In the beginning of 1994 we decided to give Persophone fully priority. When then in June 1994 Iraphon, the first bass player came to us, the band was completed. In November 1994 the band taped their first demo which was called 'Into The Battle', which we were able to sell about 250 times.
To make the sound even more compact, we took Mephis the keyboarder in April of 1995 to us. Because of rising arguments between the band and Iraphon we fired him in June 1995. But already in August got Arst a total replacement.
In October 1995 we than taped our second demo 'The Past Of The Nightside' and in the middle of December we released it. Until now Persophone has about 10 concerts with local bands. In 1996 we played all over in germany with bands such as Tha-Norr, Paragon Belial, Hathor and Lord Belial.
Pressurized by slander and gossip, we are releasing old 1992 songs in December 1996 as the 'Raging Chaos' rehearsal tape. This piece will be limited to 25 copies and distributed only to close comrades.

Current Line-Up:

Nephoris - drums, vocals (Nuclear Death, Brain Massacre, Siege Of Power, Negative Approach, Severed Guts, Gore Agony, Ante Mortem)
Vehiconenos - guitar (Severed Guts, Amorphus, Ante Mortem, Tenebrus, Boletus Satanas)
Mephis - keyboards (Severed Guts, Amorphus)
Brenner - bass (J.O.A.T., Wojczech)
Andre - guitar (Weyland)

Former Members:

Raik - guitar, bass (Habor) 1996-2001
Iraphon - bass guitar (Amorphus, Fight aus Parchim, Wojczech) 1994-1995
Arst - bass guitar, guitar (Mainpoint) 1995-1997

Additional works:

Greif Niklot - lyrics 1994-1997

Persophone - About - Releases - Lyrics - Interviews - Concerts - Links