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Abyssus Zine, Peru - 1998

(received may 1998 A. V.)

Abyssus must be honest.... I'm proud of this interview! I sent them a so simple interview that bloody answers have been not waited for. German disciples of true Black Metal, probably you could find their last material in a compilation CD on EMBASSY PROD (France). Read for yourselves this interview, maybe the best one on this scroll, really so intense and destructive answers, no trends here...your suffering begins...

1. Hail there! Tell us a short chronology about the tetric life of PERSOPHONE!

Lenlingmoon 1992 C.E. - PERSOPHONE was founded.
Fogmoon 1994 C.E. - PERSOPHONE was crushed with "Into the Battle"
Wolfmoon 1995 C.E. - PERSOPHONE creates "The Past of the Nightside"
Wolfmoon 1996 C.E. - We rounded off with "Raging Chaos"

2. Is very extended the Black Metal Underground in Germany? I'd like to know some of your points of view about it...

These so-called fans, as well as the black warriors, satanist, Black Metal DJs, B.M. press, B.M. dealers and label bosses acclaimed by them, plus these mentally less-gifted groupies in Darkwave outfits (how I hate them), are not my sort of people - however, this is not a peculiarly German phenomenon but, rather, a global development. What has happened here will be the deathblow for our movement sooner or later, though it will be of our own making. This 'scene' will get rid of itself sooner or later together with the medium, as this generation does not protect the continued existence of anything or anyone. However, there are even amongst us, still a few unwavering people who are worthy of our respect. These include MOONBLOOD, HATHOR, ABSURD, NIGHTWOLF, NAGELFAR and, in particular, our comrades in the TOTENKOPF UNION (Skull Mafia ED). Without them and a number of others not mentioned here, this would be a wretched time. HAIL!

3. And what's your point of view about German bands as UNGOD, DESASTER or labels as MERCILESS RCDS, NO COLOURS? Are you in contact with them?

To be honest, I've not heard UNGOD so far but by a virtue of the fact that they've been around for half an eternity and I've not yet found their releases next to U2, they will go through the quality control process. I know the demos from DESASTER. What I've said above applies to them to an even greater extent. They're supposed to be a great live band, too, which is more that can be said about ourselves.

Yeah, and MERCILESS RCDS think we're shit for that reason - another crowd we wouldn't want to get in the shower with.

4. Tell us...Have you had any kind of problems with any German bands?

We have problems with 95% of all consumers, the relevant dealers as well as producers. To give a list of names would be really stupid in this context. I would say that MYSTIC CIRCLE, WEREWOLF and PERVERTUM are representative of the collective greed of a once proud culture, though they're only the tip of the iceberg. These screwballs would even leave a tired smile on the split open lips of the most evil cretin.
I recently received a "CRUSH MYSTIC CIRLE" flyer. Although I really support such campaigns, the intention in this case - I mean the 'crushing' is not particularly amusing.
I find this Dark Romantic shit - no doubt not the right term - extremely boring. However, complaints about combos of this type should not be aimed directly at then but, rather, at the press, since EMPYRIUM and whatever the other calls themselves don't want to be classed as Black Metal at all - and rightly so. Despite this, they are constantly presented anew by the shitty press in order to increase circulation.

5. What about the another Metal styles in Germany (Death, Doom, Grind, etc)?

I've been involved in the Grind scene myself for years now. Bands like DEAD, BLOOD, GUT and ENTRAILS MASSACRE have been playing very aggressive, direct music for ages, They stand for fucked vaginas, stinking carcasses, menstruation, typhus and burnt-down houses - this combines a deficiency in intelligence and mediocrity to produce a propagated concept. They try with total lack of taste and contempt for mankind defending by themselves against the threat of commercial exploitation. So far, with success.
Though we can buy the complete DIMMU BORGIR girlie collection in the B.M. scene, the splatter vagina on a grind cover
is still unconventional enough not to have to eke out a contemptible existence the day after tomorrow as a sticker on a woman's monthly hygiene bag or bed linen.
While the pissy New Age wave makes SATYRICON socially acceptable - socially acceptable to the weekend supplement of our pharmacy magazine - 'Be my toilet paper' has, fortunately, not made the headlines, let alone become attractive in any way to the hated group.
Doom doesn't interest me any more since BLACK SABBATH.
GOLEM is probably the most honest and, therefore, best Death Metal band in Germany.

6. Are all the members of the band really into Satanism? How do you identify?

Nobody is a Satanist; we cannot identify ourselves with the religion, the person or the philosophy. The gods won't know about Satan and so-called evil - How could they? Satan is a fantasy of Christianity - he was and is, as a designated Antichrist, the welcome grounds for injustice and ignorance. The profound spirit of the Jesuits linked its natural fears to him - I refer to him as a neurotic vision. The band is more atheists to Odinist in its leanings.

7. Do you support vandal or extreme acts as profanation of graves, dark cults and orgies, burning churches, human/animal sacrifices and so, that I could suppose do satanic sects and some bands and fans in Europe? What reasons could you give me about your views?

I share the ideology of Odenn from EINHERJUM ZINE (Norway) in this regard. Certainly we have had and still do have
church burning in Germany. I find it neither original nor particularly effective. What I use is it to us in the struggle for our ideals?
At the time the churches were burning in Norway a few years ago, it was a signal with global feedback and, thus, entirely
meaningful as such. Today, however, it is important to win over the people around us, not the agitated maniac. By burning churches, we are simply playing into the hands of the state Church. We are portrayed as anti-social violent criminals without a people or a fatherland.
We must now publicize our objectives verbally through music and other media. Our neighbors should not face us in a mood of terror.
By burning churches and using violence, we will remain sectarians forever - and I consider myself above that!!!

8. I've noticed your admiration toward DARK THRONE in your demo 'The Past of the Nightside...' Do you know to these guys? Are you in contact with them?  What can you say about these freaks and their last productions?

Yeah, musically we are influenced by Fenriz and Nocturno Culto - and ideologically, to an extent. As we have not yet had the pleasure of getting to know them more closely, I sent the tape to Fenriz - he hasn't answered me. I'd be amazed if he did. If he had replied, he wouldn't have been himself.
DARK THRONE have, in contrast to the vast majority of the Norwegians, always acted loyally, their extreme style has influenced us. Fenriz himself is a sick mind, I think he shouldn't often be taken seriously. If I had to describe Black Metal on the basis of just one release, it would be 'Panzerfaust' by DARK THRONE.

9. How do you compose your themes? What things do you take as inspiration?

Raik composes with the inspiration of our practice room. Fuck it, I haven't a clue!

10. Who is the member of the band that participates more to compose the themes?


11. I suppose your demo 'The Past of the Nightside' is self produced...What labels distribute it? Do you have more material for a next production? Have you get in contact with any label?

That's right, we produced the demo ourselves. We would and will do it again. Over 600 of our demos have been sold - but only direct or via serious labels. The DIYS concept was the main priority. The biggest label I know is MORBID RCDS. For South America it was SAMAPEST - if it's not well known, then we did the right thing.
It is right to say that the band's productivity and creativity have been somewhat limited over the past few years.
It is also true that we have not produced any new material since 1995. There are several reasons for this, the first of which lies in our understanding of what the band is: PERSOPHONE and the TOTENKOPF UNION, were more an affiliation or comradeship of like-minded individuals. These bonds could never have resulted in the emergence of the 'band' as a partnership of convenience, no matter how much others would have liked to have seen or heard this.
We felt that the obligations arising from this interrelation tied us down.
The second and decisive reason is that our friend's serious illness combined with a lot of inopportune circumstances has very much paralyzed and is still paralyzing the band.
The band has been faced with a completely desolate situation since the end of last year. Our brother, VEHICONENOS, was not, and is no able longer able to play with us because of his serious illness. It was only in the summer of last year that the band was able to find a new guitarist in Raik. PERSOPHONE is now in a position once more to plan for the long term. However, Vehiconenos will continue to be active in the background as a songwriter, something we wanted because of his competence and the human bond between us.
Not quite correct is the announcement by EMBASSY - completely the opposite - EMBASSY PROD is a division of CRAZINESS MUSIX.
PHIL GALLIANO (owner of EMBASSY PROD.) was very interested in bringing out a split CD and approached us in this regard.
We, like HATHOR, actually wanted to release something on vinyl that was our aim. However, the split CD would be a good
compromise, as it is complex and compact while being highly effective.
The present situation is that HATHOR finished its part ages ago, but everyone is still waiting for PERSOPHONE to get going.
We are currently working on five new tracks - whether we'll eventually get round to recording them and actually complete the project is in the lap of the gods, though. Should it not get off the ground, this interview and a few lines in the polish INTO THE PENTAGRAM 'zine will be the last statements we make. Unless, of course, EMBASSY PROD. Stick to their word and finally release the compilation CD planned roughly a year ago, in which case the final statement will be in digital form.

12. Your lyrics deal with many pagan topics, too common topics I think (there are tons of bands speaking of battles, pain, north forest, cold winds and Fullmoon...). Are you agreeing with what I say?

No comment, I think you've gone something mixed up here.

13. What bands you think are really into what Black Metal means? What would you say to the actual Black Metal bands?

I'll give one answer together to these two questions:
Still intolerant and incompatible are: GRAVELAND, MOONBLOOD, HATHOR, VLAD TEPES, MACTATUS, DARK
THRONE, ABSURD, ISVIND, MUTILATION, NAGELFAR and all of those who subject themselves to a certain discipline.

14. Do you feel your souls get satisfied while you play at live?

Yeah, last year we played a number of gigs with more or less well-known bands - somewhere between 10 and 20. We enjoy
giving concerts and want to continue doing so in the future. Firstly, it is the best possibility to present the band to the public  - better than any recording - and secondly, this type of presentation is most effective because its functions extensively on the basis of self-determination. The message is more flexible and, therefore, understandable.
However, I can also completely understand people who rule out any live presence for themselves - in the times of B.M. -
Dynamo's been the logical conclusion. As Vehiconenos puts it, 'Concerts are fodder for the shitheads'.

15. Tell me more about your pseudonymous, the meaning and reasons you use them.

 I'm answering this question for the first time. You'll have to ask NEPHORIS yourself. MEPHIS is obvious and Raik is Raik.
GREIF NIKLOT combines the heraldic animal of my hometown and the name of the last heathen prince assassinated in our region.

16. NEPHORIS (as drummer of WOJCZECH) has come to Peru. Is there any chance that the whole band could come for a mini-tour to Peru?

Should we decide to continue with the band and this is justified by the releases planned, I see some chance of us travelling south.

17. Thank's for the entire great interview. Any message or comment Greif Niklot?

Thanks for the great time in your country and every success for the future. Our contact address is overleaf - however, all our releases are sold out.

Hail to GAMALZAGOTH, BOREAS and all our comrades in the UNION.
- Wir sehen uns in den Waldern  (We'll see you in the forests- ED)

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