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all lyrics written by Nephoris for Persophone

Into the Battle


Where in former times,
those tried to violate our paradise,
Is the war burnt in their souls.
Look up at me.
The throne is ours.
Beyond all feelings,
you stand in front of us.
The throne is ours.

North of Infernal Journey

Black mist above the valley,
above wilted flowers,
Shadows with black gowns, 
trees provided with lances
Accompanies you to our empire,
How does this journey end, only agony,
As you are in the north of infernal hordes.

A Forgotten Path of Unknown

Along the path, 
along endless mountains
The unknown caught in tears, 
fear decorates you,
To be captured forever,
The lord and his escords
lead you into the castle.
Forever, forever in these days,
A piece of unknown soul
on the forgotten path.

Under the Immortality

When we emerge out of your ash,
When the light suffowited in our hatred,
When the eternal fullmoon reunites the darkness,
We are prepared to kill you.

The Silence

We stood unrecognized,
Where the silence, the blackest depths
Of hatred and our power meet each other
And looked each other in the conscience.
Finished is everything, 
What we saw in dreams.
A grave opens decorated by those,
Who caused all the sorrow.
Once praised aas a paradise,
Yet allready soon the hell
In which we all will die.

The Past of the Nightside

Into the Battle
The Nobles

Raging Chaos

Field in My Hour of Glory

They are the devil's messengers
The black flights in the north wind
They are the messengers of hate
The black flights in the north wind

Black is the field in my hour of glory
Black as the feast of every year
Black are the escorts of ravens
Ravenblack shall be our start

Black Eye of Raven Division

Deep in the wood the messengers sits
Waiting for things to happen
Waiting for the great cloud out of the north

A long way he has come from the land of spendour
From mountain to mountain
From wood to wood - mournful walk
Behind him the dark splendour
Ahead the decadence of divine race

Unbearable hot the grimace
Of the star in the raven's sight
The black eye

The Downfall of Cheer

Day by day waiting torment
Much too soon he came
Day by day yearning and fear
When, when will his people's time come?

But then comers the downfall of cheer!

When the Pest Comes Flying

Silent rustling in the lkeaves
Silent shaking in the crown
Storm, storm from the north
Lightning, lightning from the north
Thunder, thunder from the north

All slime shall be blown away
O triumph of black power
Blown away the leering face
Blown away the yellow light
O triumph of the dark, black night

Like a hurricane on the open sea
Like arrows in rapid flight
Like a flame on judgement day
The black army comes flying

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